About MotorScribes

MotorScribes is the automotive content vertical of Blended Media Solutions LLP. Existing on multiple digital platforms, this vertical offers rich content with a strict focus on the automotive sector. While the content for MotorScribes has been conceived to be informative in order to allow consumers to make more informed decisions, there is an equally large focus on providing entertaining content and getting our readers involved as well. Let’s face it, cars and bikes have been an endless source of entertainment and while we do our best to keep your appetite for all things motoring full, we also love to hear your stories too. Heading the MotorScribes team are Vikram Gour and Muntaser Mirkar who have a decade of experience each in the field of automotive journalism, having worked with Car India, Bike India, CV Magazine, ZigWheels and Zeegnition in the past.

About Blended Media Solutions LLP

Blended Media Solutions LLP is a digital publishing company based in Pune with a branch office in Chennai. Formed in 2015, Blended Media currently offers automotive content through its MotorScribes vertical and adventure related content through the Adventeur vertical. Going forward, Blended Media is poised to expand its portfolio further. There is a distinct need to marry technology with content in today’s day and age where Internet penetration is making major inroads in India thanks to the sheer penetration of smart mobiles and tablets. It is evident that the very nature of content consumption is changing at a rapid pace and the need to publish content for such platforms is growing in demand. Blended Media is looking at providing rich content on these platforms as they not only enable us to reach out faster, but also allow for a higher level of audience engagement. Blended Media is the brainchild of Manu Gour, Govind Kumar, Praveen Raja, Vikram Gour and Muntaser Mirkar.

Who are MotorScribes?


Vikram Gour

Marketing Man

The second cog in the editorial team at MotorScribes, Vikram Gour has had ten years of automotive writing experience as well (in the same publications as Muntaser), but his skills go way beyond. An emphatic orator and a lover of all things that go off-road, Vikram is the Go-To guy for building brands. When not at work, he's generally getting ordered around by his 2-year old daughter!


Govind Kumar

Creative Genius

Advertising professional par excellence, Govind is responsible for all the visual wizardry you see here. His creative skills are unquestionable, but are only surpassed by his love for motorbikes – currently revving it up on a Yamaha R3. Based in Chennai, he is also an avid adventure sport enthusiast and every second that he's not toiling away at design, he's probably scuba diving in an ocean somewhere.


Manu Gour

The Numbers Guy

Manu is all about the Business – he's the one to go to if you want to talk about running things at MotorScribes. He also gets to handle the otherwise-mundane tasks of dealing with legalities, paperwork and government taxes! If it wasn't his love for food – both consuming and cooking, he'd probably just be talking in Math all his life. OK, so he loves to travel too!


Praveen Raja

Behind the Scenes

In today's day and age, no team can do without a Tech Guru and that's what Praveen is. He lets his work do all the talking which is pretty evident on the MotorScribes website. While he's one of the best in handling the Ones and Zeroes, his biggest talent probably lies in interpreting the absolute non-programming-gibberish from the rest of the team into programmable reality.


Agrima Joshua

Coffee writer

MotorScribes' first employee comes in with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a stint at technology giant L&T – none of which is important anymore. Agrima is also a stand-up comic in her free time and her writing reflects the kind of young wit and humour that Muntaser and Vikram are too old to comprehend. She also thrives on grammar perfection, loves cars and bikes and makes some really great coffee!