About Blended Media Solutions LLP Content Syndication

Blended Media Solutions LLP Content Syndication is responsible for the commercial re-licensing of all authentic content created for the various verticals of the company. Further to this, we can further customize the content to suit needs.

We realize that each client has their own specific needs and with that in mind we offer our commercial re-licensed content through a range of packages all the way up to annual contracts.


Currently Blended Media offers content pertaining to the automotive sector as well as adventure related content.

The automotive content includes news, features, launches, launch updates as well as videos. You are welcome to visit our website www.motorscribes.com in order to get an understanding of what we deliver.

The adventure content includes, location reviews, first hand experiences as well as feature articles. You are welcome to visit www.adventeur.com if you wish to explore what we offer.


Our commercial re-licensed content can be availed through a number of packages that include, quarterly, half yearly and annual contracts. The package itself can be designed to suit need. To state an example, if you wish to only get automotive news articles from us, we can put together a package for that, same goes for the need of only adventure related features. Basically, the nitty-gritties can be managed and decided upon once you decide to partner with us!

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For all syndication inquiries please feel free to get in touch with us.