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I love dogs. They live up to being your best friend for sure and the times that I’ve taken the responsibility on to have one as a pet, I, along with my family, have ensured that the little fella gets the very best in terms of care –which includes its daily walk.

After moving from my farm to the city, I realized that having a dog in my apartment would amount to a sin as I would have no time to take care of it or give it the space that it needs to be happy. More often than not, I’ve come across people who happily lock their dogs away in the house while they head to work. The poor fellow must get bored and live a life that according to me is similar to putting someone in a jail cell. Anyway, that’s why I don’t have a dog.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have one and keep it happy, despite living in an apartment. For those who do, you know just how much goes into keeping your pet happy and fit. One of the most important aspects of this care you have to provide is the much-needed daily exercise. What’s great about taking your dog for a walk is the exercise you get too. It is a great opportunity to keep yourself fine and fit and what better companion than a dog to have along while you head out for a stroll.

Undoubtedly, you must be wondering where all this fits in here at MotorScribes – our website that’s dedicated to car and bike enthusiasts. Well, the other day on my way to work, I came across an odd sight. I have been told that such a sight isn’t as common as I thought it was and thus I felt the need to address it.

how not to walk your dog


What I saw was a man on a scooter taking his dog for a walk! I made a quick video as well and you can see that at the end of the story, but my point here extends beyond how funnily stupid that sight was. Not only is it dangerous to do something like that, the man on the scooter was also risking the life of his pet dog.

Numerous things crossed my mind when I saw this. Firstly, the man is riding his scooter one-handed, on top of that the dog is a distraction that constantly means he has to take his eyes off the road and he is puttering along at a snail’s pace on a main road which poses a threat to others as well. Watch the video and you will see that he gets rather close to another motorist while trying to negotiate a turn and that could have led to further trouble.

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how not to walk your dog
Things could have seriously gone wrong


I also thought about some scenarios where things could go really bad. What if the dog saw a cat and decided to chase it? This guy would suddenly have to try and pull in hard on the leash while keeping his scooter under control. Stupid. What if there was a car trying to take that turn and in the confusion the dog got run over? What if the guy on the scooter lost control while cornering and fell on the dog?  I am sure that you will think up more situations; however you do get my drift.

While this guy deserves be nominated to be on the Darwin Award list for his stupidity, I would like to urge all pet owners to never try and do something like this. It might seem like a fun way to take your dog for a walk, but it is a stupid decision that can potentially cause a lot of harm to you, your pet or to other motorists. Being safe isn’t just about wearing a helmet or having the right riding gear. One big part of it is common sense!