Is Mahindra really planning on a bigger TUV300 and a 4×4 version?

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There are whispers being heard across the internet about Mahindra’s big plans with the TUV3OO. While rumours of the TUV3OO getting a 4×4 unit have been around for longer, now there is talk about a ‘bigger’ TUV3OO as well! Some are calling this the TUV5OO while others believe it to be the TUV3OO XL. Mahindra hasn’t officially commented on any of this, however there is no smoke without a fire as we like to say in our realm of things and on that note we thought we’d indulge our creative minds on this front and see what such products could possibly spell for the company and if they are indeed going to see the light of day.


Is there a TUV3OO XL in the pipeline?

Long wheel base Mahindra TUV300 spy image
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The story of a larger TUV3OO started doing the rounds when Autocar India carried spy pics of this variant on their website. The image seen above is the same one they shared and what we’ve been able to deduce from this is that the bigger TUV3OO or the TUV5OO as they like to call it boasts of more space at the back in order to incorporate a front-facing third row.

Mahindra TUV300 XL rendering
Mahindra TUV300 XL image rendering


Coming to the point on why Mahindra might roll out something like this from their factory, we looked into the possible markets that such a product could target. Mahindra has done a good job of branding itself as an SUV manufacturer and in doing so, they have managed to take the SUV theme and create products for various segments. A key example is the KUV1OO that targets the hatchback segment, however its unique SUV inspired style is what makes it stand apart. In the same vein of thought, the TUV3OO XL has the appeal that is similar to the lower range of MPVs in the market such as the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and the Honda BR-V. By bringing in an MPV that also boasts of an SUV appeal, Mahindra just might be onto something here.

Mahindra TUV3OO engine
The TUV3OO XL needs a bigger engine than the 1.5 litre mHawk it currently comes with is what we feel


As for what engine the TUV3OO XL should get, we at MotorScribes have pondered over that a bit and here is our two cents on this front. Most of the reports out there suggest that Mahindra should stick to the 1.5 litre mHawk100 engine that currently does duty in the TUV300 models. While that might seem like the smart thing to do, we beg to differ. With the TUV3OO XL boasting of being more than 4000mm in length it does not benefit from the lower excise duty as it doesn’t conform to the ‘small car’ regulations as specified by the Indian Government, thus there is no need to stick to the smaller engine. If mileage is a concern, we drove the TUV3OO over 4000km last year and also conducted a drive with some Mahindra Scorpios on a similar route and you will be surprised to know that the Scorpios returned a higher efficiency, despite the larger engine. Keeping all that in mind and if Mahindra is indeed looking at targeting the people-mover segment, then it makes sense to give the TUV3OO XL the 2.2 litre mHawk.


What about the Mahindra TUV3OO 4×4?

Mahindra TUV3OO 4x4
The Mahindra TUV3OO could really benefit with a 4×4


The very first time we got our hands on the Mahindra TUV3OO our feedback was that it is a great vehicle, however to stick to its SUV genes, the TUV3OO definitely needs a 4×4 option. We didn’t shy away from mentioning it in our review and neither have we been scared to ask the company about it.


Mahindra TUV3OO offroading
The Mahindra TUV3OO can handle the rough stuff for sure!


As with any new product or variant, Mahindra hasn’t been upfront about a 4×4 version for the TUV3OO, however they have never denied the thought either. Going back to Mahindra’s genes of being an SUV player, the need to have a 4×4 in the line-up works at furthering that thought and helps build the aura around the brand with a nice strong product that does it all.

Mahindra TUV300 with accessories
Mahindra TUV300 is destined to handle the dirt!


The TUV3OO does have everything else in place to make it a great off roader. It boasts of fantastic approach and departure angles, the wide track and short wheelbase also add to its go-anywhere capability. Most of all, it is a vehicle that offers great value for money and a 4×4 version wouldn’t increase costs so significantly to price it in the stratosphere. It would still be a great offering and prove to be the beast that many would go in for to fulfil their 4×4 needs that can also double up as their daily workhorse.

A TUV3OO 4×4 definitely gets our stamp of approval and we genuinely hope that it is a product that sees the light of day, rather than remain a dream.


What MotorScribes has to say

Mahindra TUV300 drive review
Mahindra TUV300 mHawk100


Over the years, we have come to realize that not all spy-pics point towards a product destined for production and not all prototypes make it to the assembly line one fine day. Sometimes car companies like to ‘dress up’ their test mules in order to throw prying eyes (especially the media) off and not let out a company secret. A larger TUV3OO might just be such a test mule.  In fact, there was a time that we came across a 4×4 Quanto as well, and that product never got to see the light of day here in India, however it was offered with a 2.2 litre mHawk engine and 4×4 in other markets!

Considering the fact that Mahindra does export to a healthy number of countries across the globe, it could very well be that these models are destined for those markets only. Such is the nature of the game, however we as enthusiasts can always pray and hope that versions such as the 4×4 TUV3OO do make it to a Mahindra showroom in the near future.

What do you think? Do you have any insights to share with us on this front? If so, we’d love to hear your perspective on this as well. Just drop us a comment and we’ll be sure to reply to you!