What do John Oliver, a Pontiac Firebird and an espresso machine have in common?

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We like comedians.

We like cars.

And we absolutely adore coffee.

So we wonder why it’s taken us this long to get around watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. No it’s not the nickname for the new season of Top Gear. We checked, there is no coffee involved there.

The show, already in its eighth season, is hosted by comedian Jerry Sienfeld who interviews other comedians whilst piloting some sweet classic ride. To give you an idea of how elaborate each episode really is – the last season featured the likes of Steve Martin (in a 1954 Siata 8v) and Will Ferrell (in a  1970 Plymouth Road Runner SuperBird). Also driven around in a 1963 Corvette Stingray was US President Barack Obama. It counts because he’s pretty funny lately, but we hear his most likely successor trumps his comic timing.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 8

While we’re still catching up on the last season, the trailer for the new set of episodes is already out. And it looks rather promising with guests like Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels, Last Week Tonight’s host John Oliver and “clean” comedian Jim Gaffigan. In the one minute and fifty two seconds that the video runs for, we spotted a red 1960s Studebaker Avanti, a Mazda Cosmo, a Volkswagen Camper and a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing with its ‘winged’ doors dramatically deployed. The trailer also shows a black and white Triumph TR3 Convertible, which brings out the British in John Oliver (“That’s naw the perfect British definition of a sportscar”) and a Pontiac Firebird which makes The-40-Year Old Virgin director, Judd Apatow feel “uncomfortable”. Check out the trailer to know why:

Season 8 of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee premieres June 16 with new episodes uploaded here every Thursday.