Royal Enfield Himalayan spy pics not exciting enough? Try this!

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The internet is a wonderful space – you get to see images of every car and bike that’s going to be launched even before the manufacturers have made them public. There are no secrets anymore and one of the latest motorcycles to learn this the hard way has been the Royal Enfield Himalayan. There could possibly be more photographs of the Himalayan on the internet in its various test phases than in Royal Enfield’s internal records! One thing that remains speculation though is the engine and its specifications – a lot of ‘sources’ claim that it’s going to be a 400-odd cc engine making over 20PS of power. We’ll have to wait till later before we get clarity on that but in the meantime what we can do is comment on the design.

We haven’t been too satisfied with the whole Ostrich look that the Himalayan is giving out with the high mounted headlight and rugged bracket that holds it up. While the rest of the motorcycle (especially the rear) looks yummy enough, the front just seemed like it was missing something. Then we sat down and stared at the most recent images out there and realised that the bracket for the headlight could actually end up being the frame for a quarter fairing – as is the norm on most adventure motorcycles anyway. Then again, it could just be a headlight mount – which doesn’t really make too much sense to us, but still. What really started bothering us at MotorScribes though, was one simple question – where would Royal Enfield put their logo? The ideal place for any bike is most obviously on the tank, ahead of the knee recesses but since that part is pretty much overlapped by the bracket itself (and no company wants their brand name to be hidden by bodywork), we settled on the fairing.

Well, that’s pretty much the only reason why I took pen to paper and then pointer to Photoshop to conjure up what we think we’d like the Royal Enfield Himalayan to look like. Anybody agree with us on this? Well, it’s OK if you don’t – enjoy the sketch anyway and leave a comment if you like it!

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