This Tata Hexa test drive video is so awesome, you’ll want to play it on loop!

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The Tata Hexa is all set to launch on the 18th of January and while we are waiting to hear how competitively Tata Motors prices it at, we have kept ourselves busy by watching this one video. Here at the MotorScribes office, there is really no argument about the best Tata Hexa video out there, for this clip wins on all accounts!

(This video was shared on Facebook by Shibu Varghese)

It takes a lot of skill on the driver’s part to be able to drive around on two wheels and he deserves a standing ovation for his performance here. You can see how well he managed to keep the Hexa going at a constant speed and keep the steering inputs to a minimum while negotiating a large turn. Very well executed!


Tata Motors Hexa exterior styling front three quarters
The Tata Hexa holds a lot of promise for the company and is expected to be competitively priced.


What is equally impressive is the last bit of the video when the driver finally drops the Hexa back onto all four wheels. There is a limited amount of bounce and the vehicle quickly regains its composure – a sign that the Hexa’s suspension and chassis has been set up slightly on the stiffer side in order to minimalize body roll, and improve overall stability. When we drove the Tata Hexa around the outskirts of Hyderabad during the preview drive, we came to the same conclusion – however that was determined by tackling some bad roads and a few sharp turns (not as extreme as driving on two wheels)! Undoubtedly, the Tata Hexa impressed us and you can read all about that in our First Drive review of the vehicle and once again, we urge you not to try this stunt on your own out on the streets. This is India, not Saudi Arabia!

On a lighter note, it is a globally known fact that the Arabs are the masters of driving four wheelers on two wheels. It has been well documented on YouTube, and to give you an example of this, we will leave you with this video. Enjoy!



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