Video: The Royal Enfield paint shop and a case of ‘the feels’

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Naysayers can say all they want about the Royal Enfield motorcycles but fans of the brand continue to remain loyal and the tribe only grows with each passing year. Over its many decades of reigning in the higher-end motorcycle segment in India, RE has changed the perception of motorcycles. The company was the first bring us the idea that a motorcycle is more than just the sum of its parts. It’s an entity that evokes feelings, sensations and emotions.

Which is perhaps why, despite the newer models from the brand – specifically the Continental GT and the Himalayan- it is the Classics and the Bullets that have survived the test of time. Because it’s these bikes that continue to summon them ‘feels’.

Riding on this very emotional connect that it’s established with its fans in India, RE has released a set of four videos to highlight the things that make its motorcycles iconic. Most of us agree that it’s the soft thump of the two-strokes as you overtake them on the road. But that’s not what these videos explore. The series is about all the intricate work that goes into the body of the motorbikes.

The first video is called ‘Pinstriping’ and demonstrates how the iconic ‘Madras pinstripes’ are traced around the RE badging on the sides of the fuel tank and on the top. The canvas for the beautiful copper stripes is the tank of a Marsh Grey Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc.

The second video titled ‘The Road to Chestnut’ traces the origins of the unique ‘Chestnut’ body paint, popular on the Royal Enfield Classic 350. The little film is rich in detail as viewers get to see the inside of a Royal Enfield paint shop.

Have you ever been blinded by the sheer excess of chrome on a Royal Enfield? Then the RE film titled ‘Chrome Doesn’t Come Easy’ is going to be an assault on the senses. In a good way, of course. Plus it’s complete with the sharp, industrial sounds from the factory that remind us of a Nine-Inch-Nails song.

The last video is made in the same vein as ‘The Road to Chestnut’, exploring how RE controls the characteristic body colours for its motorcycles – “It’s not about what looks good. It’s about what thet product deserves.” Take a look.