Why the Hyundai “Comebackpedia” campaign is a benchmark!

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Hyundai Motor India Limited; the second largest car manufacturer in India just rolled out one of the most successful digital media campaigns.  “Comebackpedia”, a collaboration between Hyundai and some popular humor artists, generated over 6.7 million views across social media channels.  A campaign that was viral, fun, and generated the customer touch points that it was designed for.

It was designed to be rolled out in three stages.  Stage one was about capturing humorous videos of the artists inviting fans to create comeback memes and engage with the brand.  To do this effectively, the artists involved were: Cyrus Broacha, Vir Das, Mallika Dua, Amit Tandon, Vipul Goyal, Kaneez Surka and Rahul Dua. In the second stage ‘The Comebackpedia Show’, was released which featured winning memes and Artist’s hilarious versions of Come backs in a two episode show. The third and final stage included a dramatic, upbeat and humorous video which concluded the entire campaign with brand integration highlighting ‘The Drive with Besties’ when one buys a new car.

Hyundai Comebackpedia
Hyundai India campaign


Commenting on the successful campaign, Mr. Puneet Anand, Sr.General Manager and Group Head – Marketing, HMIL said, “We believe Hero Content always makes the brand distinctive and engages the user effectively. We took humour as the campaign driver by engaging the popular Humour Artists to do the Meme sourcing with fun elements. We are glad that Comebackpedia has received huge popularity and appreciation from our Customers, social media fans and Critics.”

This campaign was a lot more significant than the engagement, brand building and product visibility for the Grand i10.  While it has been shared that it achieved the goals that were set out, it shares a more important story.  This campaign was the first of its kind rolled out by an automotive major, designed exclusively to connect with the Indian ‘Millennials’ of which there over 400 million.

Attending press conferences and launch events, we hear manufacturers identify the demographics of this large millennial buyer base.  Numbers are shared, conversations are had, and now we get to see “a first” content driven communication model designed to meet the millennials on the platforms of their choice and using a style that synchs with their expectations.  Needless to say this is not easy to do, and for Hyundai to achieve the numbers they shared, are commendable and will be the first of the digital communication benchmarks achieved for the industry.  Only time will tell if we have reached a pivot point in brand communication from the automotive industry.

From here on out, there will have to be a sense of bravado, ingenuity, and a whole lot of innovation.  The millennials are about “real time” interactions, feedback, engagement, public evaluation and judgement.  As communication platforms continue to become more visual, visible, broad based and community focused; brand communication will have to emulate the same sense of urgency and vibrancy.  To truly make an impact, brands will have to become a part of that community through conversations, and these conversations need to be real time, every day, and consistently interactive.

This integrated digital campaign is a marked shift from the traditional approach; delineated advertising, public relations, corporate communications, and on ground activation.  Through the digital medium, the community was able to bring all aspects of product branding, communication, and activation in one seamless bit of execution.

As the digital future is embraced, and more campaigns are rolled out like this, it is my opinion that we will see a lot more innovation, better feedback, and a measurable engagement resulting in product purchase decisions.  It is definitely an exciting time to be a part of the digital media revolution, and build successful brand and product stories.  After all, taking communication needs forward in the digital era is a task that involves an approach across various mediums and platforms. Generating a campaign that has a suitable mix of all these elements that is further enhanced by influencers is the sweet spot that manufacturers need to hit out at. Hyundai India has done a fantastic job here and has paved the way forward on how to effectively use digital media platforms to get the word out.

A benchmark has been established, now the race to build better digital campaigns has begun.  Paraphrasing from the beginning sequence of any Star Trek movie, “we journey into the unknown!”  The digital landscape holds endless possibilities because it is the only one which is truly measurable, the only one which can sustain conversations and the only one which can generate real time feedback.  Kudos to Hyundai for such an innovative and fun campaign, and look forward to future innovations!