After the City Adventure debut, Honda gets ready to showcase the X-Adv scooter at Milan

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Remember the Honda City Adventure scooter we can’t stop gushing about? No, of course, you don’t because we (i.e. motoring blogs) flood you with sales figures of the Honda Activa so you can forget about all those exotic scooters not coming to India. You’re welcome.

Taking into cognizance the epic response we received for our new section titled Fancy Things We Can’t Afford (#FTWCA)  we’re considering starting another one under the header ‘Exotic Things NOT Coming to India’ (#ETNCI). Because who wants to spend on a sexy adventure scooter when you can just look at the pictures sitting here in another continent and go to work on things of the more practical persuasion. And serious riders would rather direct their hard-earned green towards a performance motorcycle.

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We’ll start the #ETNCI section with the news that not only is Honda planning to launch the City Adventure scooter in Europe, it’s also beginning production of a certain X-Adv – based on the City, but not quite like it. Set to be debuted at the EICMA 2016 (the Milan Motorcycle Show), the X-Adv will be a machine that “combines the spirit of adventure with all-round performance, practicality and comfort for urban commuting and weekend escapes,” says Honda.

And does it look the part? Well… yes. It’s clad completely in black, save for the gold on the long-travel suspension peaking from underneath the mean-looking swooping headlamps. The riding position will be upright, to allow a commanding view of the road ahead. A five-stage screen takes care of wind-blast and the handlebar comes with hand-guards.

Honda X-Adv launch debut Milan
The Honda X-Adv in these pictures doesn’t sport the knobby rubber from the City Adventure. Note the adjustable windscreen and the body-coloured hand-guard


Since it shares its underpinnings with the City Adventure, we can expect the X-Adv to be powered by the same 745cc parellel twin. Honda however has confirmed that Dual Clutch Transmission will be standard fitment on the scooter (along with the “spirit of adventure”). Those lovely knobby tyres from the City aren’t featured on the X-Adv in the pictures.

The EICMA 2016 will be held from November 8 to 13, 2016. Besides featuring motorcycles and scooters, the exhibit will include a special showcase of e-bikes.