Seven ways in which the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept blows our minds

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The BMW Vision Next 100 concept is an embodiment of BMW’s idea of what motorcycling will be like 30 years into the future. Below are a few things that make this concept, unveiled at Los Angeles recently, very, very different from any motorcycle on the road today.

1. Self-balancing

BMW Vision Next 100 doesn't need a stand
Look ma… No stand!


That’s right. The segway will no longer be holding fort as the sole self-balancing two-wheeler we know. The Vision Next 100 stays upright without the need of a stand, and doesn’t lean even when you are carving corners or negotiating tight turns.


2. Flexible frame

BMW Vision Next 100 flexiframe
The frame surface of the BMW Vision Next 100 is made out of textile


Motorcycles happen to be a sum of their parts, fastened together with solid joints. But the BMW Vision Next 100 has a frame surface constructed out of corrugated matt black textile with a carbon-made seat, upper frame cover and wings. On the road, this translates to the entire frame of the bike shifting shape to adjust to every turn of the handle bar. Pretty neat, eh?


3. Emissionless power source

BMW Vision Next 100 drivetrain
Green ambitions


While BMW Motorrad has been rather tight-lipped about the powertrain, it’s safe to assume that it’ll definitely not be gasoline.

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4. Shape shifting engine

BMW Vision Next 100 engine block
The engine block of the BMW Vision Next 100 deploys as soon as you start riding it. Once the engine is shut off, it retracts back into the frame


The motorcycle remains a compact unit when it’s parked, but as soon as the ride begins, the engine changes dimensions.  A part of the drivetrain, built out of layers of concentric, punched metallic plates, emerges from underneath the surface in order to aid aerodynamics.


5. Visors instead of helmets

BMW Vision Next 100 riding controls from the visor
The visor replaces the helmet in the BMW Vision Next 100 and serves as a ‘monitor’, projecting information on the road ahead, to make the ride safer


BMW Motorrad deems this concept so safe that it eliminates the need for protective riding gear, including helmets. Instead, active feedback on road conditions and prompts to adjust riding behaviour accordingly would be communicated to the rider via projections on a digital visor. In the event that the rider is unable to heed to these directions, the bike would automatically correct itself. BMW also points out that the projected graphics will not hinder the rider’s field of vision.

The rider can also access different data through the visor, only with eye movement. For example, if the rider lowers his eyes, the system will display navigation information.


6. Tyres adjust to terrain

BMW Vision Next 100 images
The Vision Next 100 tyre serves as a suspension system


The tyres of the BMW Vision Next 100 come with a damping function to absorb any undulations on the road.


7. And all that jazz…

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 rear lights red
In case you forgot you’re following a BMW on the road


Since this is supposed to be the bike of the future, it does come with its share of comic book showmanship. For instance, the two reed thin strips of light that serve as rear lamps and indicators.

More information on the Vision Next 100 is available on BMW Motorrad’s official site.