Things Jerry Sienfeld says about the Volvo Amazon in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – a show hosted by comedian Jerry Sienfeld, that delivers exactly what the title promises. In its ninth edition, the series tried to outdo previous seasons with better cars and better comedians. Although, we don’t know how you can surpass any episode featuring incumbent US President, Barrack Obama in a 1963 Corvette Stingray.

The season premiere for the latest installment of the show has Bridesmaids and ex-Saturday Night Live cast member Kristen Wiig as its guest. The ride for the occassion is a 1964 Volvo 122 sedan, more popularly known as the Volvo Amazon. The car was picked owing to Wiig’s personal taste for Volvos and its Swedish values, her all-round “Volvo-ness” that host Jerry Sienfeld kept alluding to in the episode, and of course, her Norwegian descent (because Sweden and Norway are really just the same – Yes, sarcasm). So impressed was Kristen with the car, that she spent an irrational amount of time opening and closing the door to feel that “solid click” again and again.

Volvo Amazon interior with Sienfeld
Kristen Wiig and Jerry Sienfeld on their way to House of Pies


Running a 90PS, four-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed gearbox, the 1964 Volvo was the first production vehicle to feature seat-belts. This perhaps set a precedent for the Swedish carmaker’s standards for safety.

Dressed in a sharp, pearl white, the car donned red wheels with matching hubcaps, with the Volvo insignia inscribed inside them. The upholstery in the cabin too is a starkly Austin Power-esque red. Jerry Sienfeld was also a little too quick to point out how well the retro-looking Volvo Amazon fits into Wiig’s hipster neighbourhood. Because “hipsters like things that are old and out of it, to show how young and into it they are.”

Comedians in Cars… is essentially a reminder of the simple joys of life you can take pleasure in when you’re in a great car in the greatest of all cities. In this case, Los Angeles. Over the drive through LA, Wiig reminisces over her stints as an improv comedian with Groundlings Theatre, and a cast member of Saturday Night Live. The disaster that was the new Ghostbusters reboot was happily ignored over this conversation. On the way to and back from the House of Pies, Wiig and Seinfeld stop by a bookstore (because of “the smell”), an ice cream parlour, and a very hipster boutique.

Notable appearances this season include Christoph Waltz (Hans Landa from Inglorious Basterds). Watch the trailer below.