Ford Mustang sets up five Tinder dates – four survive past the drive

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It’s hard not to believe in love at first sight when you’re thinking of the Ford Mustang. If I were on Tinder (hypothetically – totally hypothetical situation – never ever tried Tinder – did NOT ever find love on Tinder and certainly did not date a Tinder Match for an entire year of my life.), I would definitely Swipe Right on a Ford Mustang. Turns out Ford and Tinder decided to cash in on that idea and set up bizarre blind dates for users of the app who swiped right on a picture of Mustang captioned, “It’s the date you’ve been waiting for – Ford Mustang wants to take you on a blind date like no other.”

Sixth generation Ford Mustang on Tinder
The Mustang lies about its age on Tinder


Four out of the five couples took the date forward even after the customary Mustang drive around London. That’s a gross misrepresentation of the success rate on Tinder (Observation based on empirical evidence, and not a reflection of this writer’s personal experience because this writer has never, ever used Tinder – stop asking me).

Tinder matches with the Ford Mustang
Totally legit happy face you make when your date is constantly interrupted by a wisecracking comedian


People sitting inside a Ford Mustang
Meanwhile… reality


Over the course of the drive, the couples were subject to comedian Jarred Christmas pitching into the conversation with relevant questions concerning pressing topics like ‘bumfies’ and male cheerleaders. Nothing like a comedian to fill up those awkward silences. It’s almost like being on a date WITH the comedian (which, people have told me, is a noteworthy experience in itself).

The real winner here is of course the sixth generation Ford Mustang, that looks fine as hell on those dates.

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