The S-Cross gets a facelift and you should see it in Nexa showrooms by 2017

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The S-Cross has received its first major facelift and is set to make its Indian debut by 2017. While we only got the S-Cross last year, the current model has been on sale in Europe for a little over three years now, so it was about time that it got a little nip and tuck. The updated version will be launched in Europe in mid October this year and we are fairly certain that it will be made available to you through the Nexa network in early 2017.

The big changes in the visual department include a more upright front styling, new design headlamps and new LED rear combination lamps. According to the official release, the S-Cross is said to offer a “cleaner and more contemporary style”. The updates to the interiors include a soft-touch dashboard pad, framing highlights on the centre panel and new seat fabrics on the top-end variants. The sunroof remains as part of the package, and we are thankful for that too!

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross facelift in Nexa showrooms by 2017
The updated S-Cross is expected in India by mid 2017. Fingers crossed!


The European spec model that will debut in October will get the 1.0 litre Boosterjet engine, however for those customers who wish to have a little more performance at their disposal, the 1.4 litre Boosterjet will also be on offer. In the diesel department, Suzuki will stick with the 1.6 DDiS version. Incidentally, there have been talks about bringing the 1.0 Boosterjet engine to India as well. A Baleno fitted with this engine has been spotted by enthusiasts while it was out on test and since it can fit into the S-Cross as well, it just might make a lot of sense to bring it here (Let’s not forget how much our Government hates diesel, so it would be a safe choice for Maruti Suzuki to have this engine in their arsenal sooner rather than later).

Incidentally, the 1.0 Boosterjet engine is touted to offer the same performance specs as that of a normally aspirated 1.8 litre unit! That’s right; it makes 111PS and has 170Nm of torque available from 2000-3500 rpm. It is also touted to be rather efficient. It sounds just right for Indian driving conditions, however since we also know about the existence of the 1.4 Boosterjet, I’ll just go on record and state that we would love to have that engine here too! With 140 PS of power and 220 Nm of torque, I can see enthusiasts rushing to get their hands on an S-Cross fitted with that!

Maruti Suzuki Nexa S-Cross with ALLGRIP
Big wheels, great ground clearance, ALLGRIP and some new engine options are set to make the S-Cross even more capable!


As for the diesel, we already know everything about it, as it is the same unit that came in with the S-Cross to India last year. The more than capable 1.6 litre DDiS generates enough power and oodles of torque, and I can still remember just how great it felt to drive the S-Cross up to Nasik from Mumbai.

Coming back to the updated version that is set to make its debut soon, Suzuki will also offer it with their ALLGRIP system. What is that you ask? Well, as the name suggests, it is Suzuki’s latest iteration of their four wheel drive technology. It comes with four driving modes that allow the driver to select the best option depending on the surface the vehicle is being driven on. This next-gen all-wheel-drive system allows you to take the S-Cross just about anywhere!

No doubt, the updated S-Cross is all kitted out to up the game even further and when it comes to India this time around, I hope that it gets the credit it deserves. The S-Cross has been one of the most underrated cars available in the country, however it is a very capable machine that is extremely versatile and those that have bought it, swear by it. On a personal note, I would strongly recommend Maruti Suzuki to evaluate bringing the ALLGRIP technology as part of the package when they do offer the updated S-Cross here in India. It has the potential to be a gamechanger.