Hitler’s parade car, a Mercedes-Benz 770K was auctioned off this day in 1973 | History bites

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Image source: The Guardian

January 6

On this day, in 1973, a rather notorious Mercedes-Benz 770K sedan was auctioned off. The wartime Mercedes was allegedly a parade car used by Adolf  Hitler. While sources are conflicted on the actual ownership of the car, there is enough documentation to substantiate the fact that the limousine was indeed used by the Nazi leader for certain visits.

The car was originally gifted to Finland’s Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, as a reward for his allegiance to Nazi Germany. Under the hood of the 1941 770K was a straight-8, cast-en-bloc engine. From the front bulging front fenders covering the wheels to the V-shaped grille flanked by those large, round lamps – every detail of the car is reminiscent of the era. Its vintage appeal itself would be worth plenty. But its association with Hitler brought up its value to $153,000 back in 1973. The tainted Mercedes-Benz 770K currently rests in the garage of a certain Major General William Lyon in Los Angeles.