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Mercedes Benz 770K Hitler

Hitler's parade car, a Mercedes-Benz 770K was auctioned off this day in 1973 | History bites

Its vintage appeal itself would be worth plenty. But its association with Hitler brought up its value to $153,000 back in 1973

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Nurburgring lap COLLAGE

This week in automotive history: The Nurburgring, Knight Rider and Formula 1

Revisit the beginnings of the most feared speedway and the mysterious deaths of the inventor of the diesel engine and actor James Dean. But not all developments this week are shrouded in gloom and mystery

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This week in automotive history

This week in automotive history: Some records, forgotten racetracks and the rise of the American automobile

London retires one of its oldest race circuits, while China gets a brand new one. The Bonneville Salt Flats play host to some more record attempts

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This Week in Automotive History September

This week in automotive history: The origins of the Cannonball, GM, TV cars and Oprah's generosity

The trail of the automobile is messy - rife with law suits, cheesy sitcoms and unfortunate appearances on Oprah

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Netajis car in which he escaped the British house arrest in 1941

Audi to restore Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's Wanderer sedan in Kolkata

This was the same car in which the Indian National Army founder escaped while under house arrest in 1941

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Automotive History

This week in automotive history: A trip in reverse gear, some world firsts and Japanese lanterns

Time is a flat circle. And so is a racetrack, the Ford logo (a squished circle, if you like) and a round trip from NY to LA - in reverse gear

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MotorScribes chronicles

This week in automotive history: Of primitive motorcycles, Nazis in Grand Prix and Sunmobiles

From the world's first motorcycle to the only Grand Prix race hosted by Yugoslavia - this week has been rather intriguing in the world of motoring

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