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Renault India Lodgy Stepway Drive MAIN

The Renault Lodgy Stepway and an evening in Mumbai

A drive through Mumbai at night proved to be a great setting to enjoy what the Lodgy Stepway has to offer.

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Milesahead  IMG 1926

The Chanshal Pass Expedition | Get ready for an adventure!

Only adventure junkies need to read this story. Yes, we’re being serious about that!

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On the Snow Leopard Trail | A 4x4 Adventure

A group of explorers set out on an adventure through the rugged terrain of Himachal to see the Snow Leopard in all its majesty!

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Carnatic Quest Adventure trip main image

10 reasons why you need to go on the Carnatic Quest

The Carnatic Quest is a self-drive adventure that has been curated to deliver an adrenaline rush against the backdrop of Karnataka’s vivid history!

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Isuzu D Max V Cross Road Trip 5

20 days, an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross and one amazing road trip across India

Amit set out on an amazing road trip in his relatively brand new Isuzu D-Max V-Cross and he has quite a story to share!

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17 Motorcycle accounts to follow on instagram BullSpeech

17 motorcycle accounts on Instagram to follow in 2017 | BullSpeech

Love motorcycles + Have a smartphone + Love photography = Follow these accounts on Instagram!

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how to keep your dog happy in a car 1024x683

10 ways to keep your dog happy in a car!

If you are a dog lover and like to take your pooch out for a drive, you might want to consider some of these tips and accessories to make their life easier while travelling.

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5 Reasons to go to IBW

5 Reasons why you can't miss the India Bike Week!

A quick rundown of all the activities at this year’s India Bike Week, which runs from Feb 19-20.

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figo aspire main

Tackling the NCR in the Aspire

We spent a week driving around the National Capital Region in a Ford Aspire and learnt a few valuable lessons on why this car makes so much sense.

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Journal Kodaikanal 19

Drive by Light – Journal Kodaikanal

This November, we embarked on an epic journey to bring two phenomena together – Audi's Matrix lighting technology and the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory.

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