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What the GST!

The new cess on luxury cars and SUVs that just got approved by the Cabinet is not what the auto industry needed.

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10 engine swaps I would love to see happen in India | MotorBlah!

While there are specialist garages out there that have dabbled with engine swaps, I would like to see manufacturers jump on the bandwagon and show some enthusiasm as well!

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Volkswagen Vento Preferred edition

Volkswagen Vento Preferred edition launched

The Volkswagen Vento Preferred edition is back - now based on the facelifted model, it comes in with extra gadgets packed in!

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Volkswagen Vento updated LED headlights black alloys front view

ScoopMeister spots updated Volkswagen Vento with LED lights, black alloys

This festive season, the VW Vento is coming in with not just LED lights, but black alloys too.

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VW Vento 2

The New Volkswagen Vento is here

The new Volkswagen Vento boasts of some striking new features and it comes with a 7 speed DSG transmission...need we say more!

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