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Maruti Suzuki S Cross Review 5

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Review 2017

We travel to Udaipur to drive the new Maruti Suzuki S-Cross and find out just exactly what it is that has changed.

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Audi Q7 40 TFSI 2

Audi Q7 40 TFSI quattro launched for INR 67.76 lakh

Audi India has launched a new petrol variant of the mighty Q7 that promises to be powerful and frugal. Here’s what it packs…

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Range Rover Velar unveiled by Ellie Goulding 2

Range Rover got Ellie Goulding to unveil the Velar in New York!

Range Rover sure knows how to do things in style and the New York reveal of the Velar was nothing short of an epic performance.

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Darwin Award winning Scooter rider 4

This video of a guy on a scooter pushing an auto rickshaw is crazy AF!

Driving in India is always full of surprises; you literally don’t know what you might see around the next bend!

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tata Hexa Test drive video main

This Tata Hexa test drive video is so awesome, you’ll want to play it on loop!

This has got to be the coolest Tata Hexa video doing the rounds on the Internet!

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hownottotakeyourdogforawalk MAIN

How not to take your dog for a walk [Video] | MotorBlah!

Having a pet is great; however the responsibility of having one is a whole other deal. Why do we at MotorScribes care? Because this video explains our point!

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rinspeed oasis concept1

Video: The Rinspeed Oasis, a crafty wingman for the Tinder of ride-sharing apps

The Oasis is a fully autonomous, all-electric concept... But first, we need to talk about Tristan and why’s such a complete and total douchebag

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Video: This fun-sized McLaren for ages six and below does not contain small parts

With a top speed of 4.8km/h, the miniature electric McLaren P1 is no choking hazard - just pure motoring fun

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1284044 Barry with restored car

What Volkswagen did for a Beetle fan has been beautifully captured in this awesome video!

Volkswagen recently undertook a major social media activity to celebrate Briton’s love for their cars and ended up doing something extraordinarily special for one of their fans

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Zombie Jeep Renegade

James McVey turns Zombie for the Jeep Renegade!

Guitarist and vocalist of the band The Vamps, James McVey goes all out freaky for a Halloween special with the Jeep Renegade!

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