Video: A man takes a Tata Zest to the garage. What happens next will blow your mind

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Presenting the first episode of ‘Scribe My Ride’ – where we show you how to transform your sub-4 metre sedan into a power-packed monster on the road

The Tata Zest had been a good companion to our Word Processor Muntaser Mirkar (who goes by @BullSpeech on Twitter). The Zest can do all that you expect from a family sedan that fits into the tax-friendly sub-four metre bracket.

Powered by Tata’s own 1.2-litre Revotron engine, the 90PS on tap made it up to task for the rather special purposes that MotorScribes applied it to.

For starters, its sporty 15-inch alloys could take punishment like this

It was great for picking up potential employees for MotorScribes

But sometimes, you want more from your car. Turns out, Muntaser wanted to retain the best of the Zest and wanted to infuse a little more power and aggression to it. DJ Shugar stepped in and took the car to ‘Scribe My Ride’ for a complete makeover. Well, the transformation has left us speechless. Take a look.