Video: You won’t believe what this regular, everyday car sounds like!

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Ask any petrolhead which engines sound the best and most often you’ll get answers ranging from inline 6-cylinders to V6s and V8s from supercars. For the bike guys, it’s mostly always going to be high-strung inline 4s or going back in time to the stroker-era. There’s just something about the meaty roar of a big engine that connects with raw emotion inside us all. Sometimes though, that connect comes from the unlikeliest of engines.


An inline three-cylinder, naturally aspirated motor isn’t really fancy equipment on the face of it, is it? There’s an inherent mechanical imbalance that the odd-number of cylinders brings about. This translates to both physical vibrations and increased engine noise. While the vibrations can be culled to a great extent using counterbalancers and effective engine mounts, the engine noise can only be insulated to a certain extent – especially considering these engines mainly do duty in cost-effective cars.


The Volkswagen Ameo uses a 1.2-litre, petrol three-pot (the 1.5 diesel will be coming soon) and it has the same inherent characteristics like any other such engine. Rather than complaining about it though, we’re in love with it. And this is one of the reasons why we are so impressed with the Volkswagen Ameo as well – no amount of words can explain what you will hear in the clip below. So go on, check it out and if you like what you hear, go take a test drive and experience it for yourself! For more details on how the Volkswagen Ameo is to drive, head here and here.