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skoda ad 4 01

Dear Skoda, I don’t like your Kodiaq TVC | MotorBlah

The Skoda Kodiaq TVC attempts to be different, but fails in our view. Here’s why…

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Road Rage MotorBlah 3

When anger turns to rage | MotorBlah!

With no respect for the law, rage seems to be the way we like dealing with things on the streets. We need to change.

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Minivan for India Main

What I see as the minivan for India |MotorBlah!

The Indian vehicle market is divided into a plethora of segments, but the true-blue minivan hasn’t made it to our shores. I wonder why?

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engine swap main image

10 engine swaps I would love to see happen in India | MotorBlah!

While there are specialist garages out there that have dabbled with engine swaps, I would like to see manufacturers jump on the bandwagon and show some enthusiasm as well!

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17 Motorcycle accounts to follow on instagram BullSpeech

17 motorcycle accounts on Instagram to follow in 2017 | BullSpeech

Love motorcycles + Have a smartphone + Love photography = Follow these accounts on Instagram!

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hownottotakeyourdogforawalk MAIN

How not to take your dog for a walk [Video] | MotorBlah!

Having a pet is great; however the responsibility of having one is a whole other deal. Why do we at MotorScribes care? Because this video explains our point!

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BullSpeech 600cc multi cylinder motorcycle 3 lakh

600cc, multi-cylinder motorcycles under Rs 3 lakh, why not? | BullSpeech

Is it really that outrageous a thought? Does the math add up? Can someone please explain this to me!

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Scooter crash two

Bike crash - the first | Obligatory Motorist

Bikes are made of iron, steel, rubber and magic. You are not. Nothing like a good, old-fashioned crash to remind you of that. Then again, there’s nothing like a ‘good’ crash

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Everything that is wrong with biker fests main

Everything that's wrong about Indian biker festivals in Batman dialogues | BullSpeech

The Dark Knight isn't too happy with what goes on at motorcycle events. Bruce yourselves!

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