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We need to talk about these questions being asked on Quora

Once again, there are a slew of questions on Quora that demand your attention…and answers, if you are brave enough that is!

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Shit Jeepers Say  memes tweets 2

Shit Jeepers Say!

Being a 4x4 enthusiast isn’t just about the 4x4 you own, but the attitude you carry with it!

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Auspicious purchase 5

Buying a new car or bike this festive season? Make sure you get the auspicious timing right!

With a zillion Gods governing everything we do, how could we leave them out the process of buying a new car or bike!

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Mahindra meets Jeep Andaz Apna Apna Meme final

Epic social media reactions to the Jeep India launch

It was entertaining really. Trust social media to always go no holds barred!

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Car Praking

Lost in translation! These 15 memes capture them all!

Freedom of expression takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to these hilarious memes!

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Raksha Bandhan thumbnail

18 Indian Cars that are celebrating Raksha Bandhan!

Believe it or not, Raksha Bandhan is a festival that seems legit even in automotive terms.

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Jeep Memes   14

4x4 Jeep memes that totally define a true Jeeper!

16 memes that show what the off-road life is all about - you might want to keep your spouses away for this one.

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Definitive Desi Driver Songs

The 21 definitive songs on any desi driver's playlist

On World Music Day we take a look at the 21 most popular tracks you’ll find on any desi driver’s playlist. These sound best in truck cabins and on locally assembled music systems!

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