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Shah Rukh Khan Hyundai

Shah Rukh Khan and the Hyundai TVCs that established Brand SRK

Happy Birthday SRK! Thank you for serving as the most convincing Everyman for the average Hyundai customer, despite that Rolls-Royce in your garage

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audi r8 miniature car toy felix hernandez 3 58036289ada88  880

How to turn a $40 Audi R8 scale model to art

Everything about this picture is a lie – right from the perfect shade of the skies and the sandstorm to the actual subject of the photograph

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Messenger of God cars and bikes

WTF is going on with this contraption in MSG The Warrior - “LionHeart”?

Ok, he’s back with another movie and considering he is a Godman of sorts, I might get struck by lightning when I write this, but seriously WTF is that contraption!

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Bob Rupani The Golden Quadrilateral Coffee Table Book Review 3

Mapping the Golden Quadrilateral

The Golden Quadrilateral is a tribute to the 5,846 kilometre road network, written with the insight and enthusiasm that is typical of noted autojournalist and writer, Bob Rupani

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Auspicious purchase 5

Buying a new car or bike this festive season? Make sure you get the auspicious timing right!

With a zillion Gods governing everything we do, how could we leave them out the process of buying a new car or bike!

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Tata Zest transformation

Video: A man takes a Tata Zest to the garage. What happens next will blow your mind

Presenting the first episode of 'Scribe My Ride' - where we show you how to transform your sub-4 metre sedan into a power-packed monster on the road

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Mercedes Benz G 63 scale models

Now a miniature G-Class to display on your office desk and turn them green

Nothing like a coveted scale model to start a good, old fashioned brawl at work

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Winning Adil Darukhanawala Mercedes Benz featured

Off to the races

The writing in Adil Jal Darukhanawala's book, Mercedes-Benz Winning! is fast, frenetic and ambitious - quite like the Silver Arrows on a racetrack

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Ghostbusters Ecto 1

You're not a real Ghostbusters fan if you don't hate the new Ecto 1

The 1980s Cadillac Fleetwood hearse used in the 2016 reboot invites even more haters

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