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2017 KTM RC 200 and 390

2017 KTM RC 200 and RC 390 launched. Still unbeatable value for money!

Subtle cosmetic changes and other tweaks have made the KTM RC twins dearer. Rs 1.71 lakh for the RC 200 and Rs 2.25 lakh for the RC 390 is still a great deal

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advertisement story

Two brands, two commercials, and why you feel like watching them over and over again!

It’s not very often that we like to write about commercials, but some ads are beyond brilliant and we salute the effort.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Modified by Grid7 Customs Kerala MAIN

This modified Royal Enfield Himalayan guarantees eyeballs!

Grid7, a custom garage in Thrissur, Kerala have reworked a Royal Enfield Himalayan and the result is nothing short of stunning!

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Bajaj Dominar 400 First Ride front angle 2

Bajaj Dominar 400 – First Ride impressions and lots more!

What's the new Bajaj Dominar like to ride? Who should buy it? How fast will it go? Why does it look like a Pulsar? And other questions, answered.

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We need to talk about these questions being asked on Quora

Once again, there are a slew of questions on Quora that demand your attention…and answers, if you are brave enough that is!

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2017 KTM RC 390

2017 KTM RC 390 and RC 200 launch in India slotted for January 19

The 2017 KTM RC 390 with new decals and a side-swung exhaust is now Euro-IV compliant

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Royal Enfield Himalayan in the City 12

Royal Enfield Himalayan – the practical review

How good is the Himalayan in the city? Can it be your only motorcycle? All this and more, answered here.

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Modified KTM 390 Duke story main

Wouldn't you want your KTM Duke to look like this?

Because for someone seeking individuality in a world full of KTM Dukes, there is no room for stock parts.

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Honda Riding Assist Motorcycle

The Honda Riding Assist Motorcycle showcased at the CES 2017 pretty much rides itself

The demo video shows the bike moving spookily through the corridors of the testing facility, without a rider - it's only slightly unsettling

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17 Motorcycle accounts to follow on instagram BullSpeech

17 motorcycle accounts on Instagram to follow in 2017 | BullSpeech

Love motorcycles + Have a smartphone + Love photography = Follow these accounts on Instagram!

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hownottotakeyourdogforawalk MAIN

How not to take your dog for a walk [Video] | MotorBlah!

Having a pet is great; however the responsibility of having one is a whole other deal. Why do we at MotorScribes care? Because this video explains our point!

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