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Nissan Micra gets an update and some new features

Nissan has given their hatchback a few new tricks to keep with the times and have priced it reasonably well too.

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2017 Nissan Terrano 1

The 2017 Nissan Terrano is not a facelift

Gets 22 new features and commands the same price for the base variant as the previous model

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Minivan for India Main

What I see as the minivan for India |MotorBlah!

The Indian vehicle market is divided into a plethora of segments, but the true-blue minivan hasn’t made it to our shores. I wonder why?

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2017 Nissan Sunny: Most Google queries about the latest sedan on the block

Nothing says ‘There is absolutely NOTHING abnormal about me’ quite like a regular mid-size urban looking sedan driven around the city.

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Nissan Navara Trek 1 main

Nissan just nailed it with the introduction of the Navara Trek -1° pickup truck!

Nissan’s Navara Trek -1° is the pickup truck you’ve always wanted – a perfect combination of good looks, kit and capability (and we love the name)!

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Nissan Micra 2017 main

Nissan promises to change your perception about small cars with their 5th generation Micra

The new Micra has rolled off the line at the Flins plant in France and here’s what we know about this exciting new product which we hope to see in India soon.

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engine swap main image

10 engine swaps I would love to see happen in India | MotorBlah!

While there are specialist garages out there that have dabbled with engine swaps, I would like to see manufacturers jump on the bandwagon and show some enthusiasm as well!

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2017 Nissan GT R 7

Here's what the Nissan GT-R looks like without John Abraham in the picture

We decided these images are enough to let you know that the 2017 GT-R is just as stunning as you'd imagined - no props required

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Hyundai Tucson 2016 12

Do SUVs really need 4x4 | MotorBlah!

We often wonder why some SUVs don’t get 4x4 capabilities and while we like to blame the manufacturer, that just might not be the case!

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09203 4 av nissan micra

Nissan launches world’s first digitally powered shared car ownership scheme via social networking

The idea will take-off as a pilot study in Paris, before establishing it as a viable project in April 2017

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2017 Nissan GT R India upcoming launch

Nissan GT-R launch slotted for December: Godzilla heading our way!

For 2017, Godzilla has undergone cosmetic changes both on the inside as well as on the outside, thereby combining a right mix of its sporty charisma along with added luxury!

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